Universal Design: Great For Aging In Place

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Universal design principles are about creating homes that are accessible for as much of the population as possible, and for as much of their lives as possible. Rather than designing a home for different stages of life, such as drafting house plans for seniors separately from house plans for young couples, universal design attempts to accommodate all stages and possible changes in lifestyle in the same design.

4 Trends in Home Building!

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Home design is constantly changing to reflect the latest tastes of the next generation of home buyers. Now that 2020 is here, you can expect to see some common themes across new home building. Home builders in Youngstown, Ohio (and all across the country) have noted these top four trends in new home construction.


1. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

What Homebuyers Want in a Newly Constructed Home

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Buying an existing home sometimes means giving up things on your wish list, because the home has already been built by someone else. 

Building your own home or a home that is in the construction process means having more flexibility to make sure the things you want are

included in your home.  At Joe Koch Construction, we are always keeping up to date on the latest trends and wants of our customers.


Here are some of the few things that new home buyers put on their "want" list. 


Energy Efficiency

Spa-like Bathroom Trends

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Clean, uncluttered lines, energy- and water-efficient features, the open and accessible aesthetics of universal design, materials and colors drawn from nature, and a spa-like feel of comfort and relaxation: That's today's bathroom. 

Let's look at the features of a spa-like bathroom:


Sinks and Vanities

Floating vanities enhance the open feel of the room. A simple countertop with cabinet and drawers or a few shelves underneath is mounted on the the wall and seems to float above the floor, leaving an uninterrupted flow and easier cleaning.

3 Things That Are Perfect to Renovate In The Winter

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1.  Switch Out Old Light Fixtures

         Winter does a number on our bodies, including messing with our moods. Early sunsets and a general lack of sunlight can trigger seasonal affective disorders. Fight back by switching out tired old light fixtures for bright, cheery ones that will improve lighting-- and your spirits!


2.  Install a New Kitchen Backsplash   

3 Surprising Building Trends for 2018

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Building a home means creating a space you’ll love for years to come. If there’s anything to learn from watching building trends, it’s that colors, textures and finishes come and go. It’s best to choose a home design and materials that appeal to you and make the most sense for your family. That way, when one year fades into another, and trends evolve, you’ll still love your home (and all of its design) as much as you did on day one.

Here are some of the most interesting trends for 2018: