Joe Koch built my dream house to perfection!!! Every part was over & above what was asked!!

Barb Metzler- Adair

I very much recommend this company! Joe Koch construction has been around for years as a reputable local company.

Garrett Welch

Just completed a new build with Joe and his team. They did a wonderful job. Would use them again in a heartbeat!

Marra McCurdy Teti

Joe built my home in 1996 - still looks brand new! I highly recommend Joe Koch Construction!

Karen Conn-Segesto

Kerry and everyone at Koch Construction have been wonderful to work with. They will do whatever it takes to build you the house you have dreamed of. Thank you all!

David Pickens

Highly recommend Joe & his construction company! The staff is so friendly and the homes are absolutely stunning! Thanks for everything you & your team do.

Taylor Lynn

Where do I start. Joe built my dental office ten years ago. Can't believe it has been 10 years. It is in Cortland, Ohio and so many people have called it the most beautiful looking building in Cortland. It is a dental office that looks like it is out of the Florida Keys. We have been so happy with Joe Koch Construction for the past 10 years. Joe is always just a phone call away if something needs fixed. Now his son Joe is helping us with adding office space. If I would ever build another house, no question about it, Joe would be the only contractor I would call.

Robin Bedich

Joe Koch Construction built my house back in 1993 and it has been the best home for my family. I highly recommend building your dream home with them!

Kayla Lynn

My boyfriend and I decided to build after seeing that we were not able to purchase a house in our area with the amenities that we were looking for. I figured building a house was extremely expensive and you would hear stories of bad experiences, so of course you are skeptical. We met with numerous local builders as well as production builders. We then decided to go to Koch Construction's model home. It was perfect, it wasn't some elaborate house that we knew was way out of our budget. It was a house that was very similar to what we were looking for. The whole process was fast, we had a house built and completed in less than 4 months, during the summer, which we had a lot of rain. Of course there will be issues and errors while building and I can say every one was addressed and fixed immediately. We love our house, it was a dream for us to be able to have a house built exactly how we had imagined. We have been in our house for a little over 3 months and I can honestly say I would not have changed a thing, from start to finish! Koch Construction made building a house a breeze. I would highly recommend this builder.

Dana Jo DePillo

Joe Koch construction has a knowledgeable staff that goes above and beyond for their customers. There’s no better option for a builder in this community than them, I highly recommend!

Mary Cathryn

Joe Koch Construction is wonderful for the community and I love how they have grown Austintown so much! They have beautiful homes and a wonderful staff. I highly recommend them!

Diana Clark