Daylight Savings: Time For Important Home Maintenance

man checking the time on his watch

Daylight savings time begins this year on March 8! Turning the clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time reminds us that Spring is just around the corner. Yea! At this point we're all ready to say goodbye to winter.

When we change the clocks, it's the perfect reminder to perform some very important home maintenance items. If we don't do them, who will? And, yes, they are important and you should not procrastinate, unless you are prepared to face the unpleasant circumstances that may result.  

Here is a list of important maintenance items you should get done in March.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

open window

check mark Check The Windows & Doors   

During the winter, the doors and windows stay closed.  Now is the best time to check your entryways for irregularities.  After being closed for so long, windows and doors can develop drafts, stick, or warp. This type of maintenance is one of the easiest and quickest in the whole home.