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Eco-Friendly Home Decorating

Decorating your home is hard enough without considering the environment,

 but choosing decor that will benefit the eco-system is better in the long-run. 




              A plant that is taken-care of in a home will give purpose

                to your space. Palms and ferns especially, will increase

                                oxygen and help purify your home. 




              There is a way to decorate your home that will positively affect

           the environment: buy things preused. Vintage decor costs way less

               and really adds character to your home. Take an old dresser

                                and turn it into your new bathroom vanity. 




       When you're feeling dull in your own home, just a simple change

      of scenery will do the trick.  Try moving furniture, switching out

               current photos, or even the location of your shelves. 

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