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Color! Something that brings vibrancy and depth into this world can also cause some serious headaches. What colors go best with others, how should one color in one room flow into the next room, how can an accent wall cause such an argument between home owner and designer? While we hope the last bit never happens, choosing the colors of your house is a very important decision. 

Ever wonder why color chips at your local home-store have three to five varying shades on one strip? It is so you can look at what is complimentary to what ever color you are drawn to. Some paint companies have packaged whole room color schemes together for you so you literally just have to find the color you like best and the rest is done for you.

However if you are feeling a little more hands on, look at a color wheel like the one we have here and start to see what shades you are drawn to and what shades you hate. also has a great article with 10 tips for adding color to your home

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