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Best Design Ideas for Your New Kitchen

** The kitchen is one of THE most important rooms in a home. This is where homeowners and even guests spend much of the time, cooking and socializing; and the quality of that time can be greatly impacted by the design of the kitchen.  Poor functionality turns into inefficiency and, ultimately, frustration. Here are a few of the ideas that should be considered when designing a new kitchen.**

Concealed Appliances

Refrigerators, induction stoves, and microwave drawers (shown above) create a sleek, adherent look for your kitchen, expecially if you are creating an open concept that will blend into your living room.

Composite Countertops

Ideal for busy cooks, composite resists scratches, stains, and heat.  The color is not just a coating but solid all the way through, and the smooth surface gains a rich patina over time. 

Multi-Purpose Sink

Having a big sink is important, but there are other options beyond size to consider.  Cutting boards and draining grates that fit into a groove to slide without slipping are easily removed for washing, but this will turn your ordinary sink into a full work station with less mess. 

Gray is The New White

White will always be a great option for kitchen cabinets, but the slightly darker shade, gray, is getting a lot of attention lately, too.  Using the island or the base cabinets is the best way to incorporate the gray.  If gray isn't your favorite, shades of blue will also bring out a nice contrast with lighter-tone cabinets. 





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