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Best Design Ideas for Your New Kitchen

** The kitchen is one of THE most important rooms in a home. This is where homeowners and even guests spend much of the time, cooking and socializing; and the quality of that time can be greatly impacted by the design of the kitchen.  Poor functionality turns into inefficiency and, ultimately, frustration. Here are a few of the ideas that should be considered when designing a new kitchen.**

What Homebuyers Want in a Newly Constructed Home

Buying an existing home sometimes means giving up things on your wish list, because the home has already been built by someone else. 

Building your own home or a home that is in the construction process means having more flexibility to make sure the things you want are

included in your home.  At Joe Koch Construction, we are always keeping up to date on the latest trends and wants of our customers.

Custom Build

                    THE COVINGTON                        



Flower Boxes

April showers, bring May flowers! The perfect alternative

to a railing for a raised deck, the L-shaped planters to wrap

around the outer edges. This will provide both beauty and

safety for you and your family. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist



                  Windows & Doors   

During the winter, the doors and windows stay closed.  Now is the

best time to check your entryways for irregularities.  After being

closed for so long, windows and doors can develop drafts, stick, or

Our Very Own

                     One of our 2018 builds

Eco-Friendly Home Decorating

Decorating your home is hard enough without considering the environment,

 but choosing decor that will benefit the eco-system is better in the long-run. 


Who Doesn't Love an Open Floor Plan?



    Our Brantley home will be having an

Let Us Build YOUR Dream Home




      It's the perfect time of year to start a new 

      project.  Whether it be a basement remodel

      or building the home of your dreams, we at

3 Things That Are Perfect to Renovate In The Winter

     Light Fixtures


         *Winter does a number on our bodies, 

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